“Margaret has a unique gift and style to coaching, which ensures you gain momentum and insight into your leadership development journey.  It was a real joy to work with her.”


“Thank you so much for our session on Monday.  I am happy to say that the impact has been truly liberating.  I am benefiting from experiencing the whole list of positive thoughts and feelings I fed back to you.  I have also noticed that, in moments where I may have been triggered to feel negative thoughts, I am catching myself almost immediately and challenging them.    Also there have been a couple of occasions where previously I would have felt knocked and unworthy by someone’s comment or feedback and I have not felt that even for a second!”


“I saw Margaret for some NLP sessions about my unhelpful eating behaviours. Margaret is very skilled in creating a safe space, she listens carefully, and her use of NLP techniques really helped me to process things at a sub-conscious level. NLP isn’t a quick fix, and for me it complemented the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I was having at the time. If you have long standing issues about things you want to work on, I recommend Margaret to help you.”


“I have had two sessions with Margaret to help me with personal issues surrounding childhood abuse, trouble sleeping and anxiety. After each session I felt lighter, have slept better and every day I feel more positive and better about myself. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend a session or two with Margaret with whatever you feel may be a problem.”


“I worked with Margaret for a number of years at the London Ambulance Service.  Margaret’s honesty and clear commitment to the values of the organisation and her own, as well as her ability to think and communicate strategically with clarity greatly enhanced the work we undertook together.”

“The session I undertook with Margaret was extremely beneficial to me in managing certain aspects of my family life in a way that I had aspired to for some time but not quite managed to action.  Margaret’s understanding, compassion and guidance all contributed to a shift in my scope to feel and behave in a different way, which has had a positive impact upon me and my family.”


“Margaret is a highly skilled and experienced coach who I have had the pleasure to work with in one way or another for the past 5 years. I have a great deal of respect for her acute observation skills, insightful questioning and compassionate professionalism and have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach.”


“Margaret has worked in a professional and collaborative way with me during my coaching sessions.  She is able to ensure I have had the time and space to work through the challenges and issues I have had and supported my development.  More recently we have undertaken some NLP sessions which have enabled me to overcome my fear of heights, enabling me to climb a ladder for the first time.”

“Margaret has a calm and relaxed style, is able to offer supportive challenge and has a wide range of skills and techniques which ensure that I get the best out of my sessions.  I have been really well supported by Margaret through some really challenging professional times, the coaching has most definitely helped.”


“Margaret has taken me through a couple of exercises to help me focus on my creative writing. What is different about her approach is that this isn’t about developing techniques, or conscious ways of working differently. Margaret listened carefully while I talked about how I work, how I feel about my work, and what it feels like when it flows. Then she helped me see it differently: to be more accepting of my style of working and my abilities. Now when doubts creep in I am very much better at catching and banishing them.”  


“Having been a little sceptical to begin with, I had an initial discussion with Margaret about the process. Her professional and compassionate approach gave me the confidence to continue. Margaret assisted me with personal issues around prioritising personal demands and work/life balance, things had become muddled to a point where I was actively ‘getting in my own way.’ Through Margaret’s confident guidance, I was able to identify some key areas to focus on for maximum benefit.”

“Margaret is extremely knowledgeable and put me at ease from the outset. I am very pleased to say the process helped me to successfully complete a large piece of work without the usual level of stress and anxiety. I very much look forward to working with Margaret again in future.”